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Alcoba Law was first established in 1999 by Registered patent attorney Ruben Alcoba. Since our inception, our patent lawyers and trademark attorneys have helped our national and international clients with their intellectual property. 

We believe that a patent lawyers job is to educate our patent clients with what is patentable prior to filing for a patent. In the same manner, our trademark attorneys believe that it is our job to protect our clients from infringing others trademarks prior to filing for their trademark. 

For the above reasons, we always recommend to our clients to conduct a patent search or a trademark search prior to filing for a patent or a trademark.


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Our patent lawyers help independent inventors as well as established companies obtain patent protection in the United States from our Florida Offices. Our trademark lawyers help our trademark clients procure their trademarks and protect their brands in interstate commerce. Our team comprises of experienced registered patent attorneys and trademark attorneys that are licensed to practice law in Florida. Our trademark attorneys prosecute trademarks and litigate matters before most courts, and our patent attorneys prosecute patent applications before the United States Patent and Trademark Office.

Our attorneys are versed in corporate law and can help your company grow and safeguard your intellectual property. We advise you to protect your intellectual property by having anyone involved with your patents or trademarks execute non-compete and non-disclosure agreements. Because we value our client’s confidential intellectual property, we conduct patent and trademark searches in-house and do not outsource.

We also provide the following services: draft trademark, copyright, patent, licensing, manufacturing and sales, distribution, and non-compete agreements; enforce and defend infringement matters; enforce and defend internet domain matters; contractual negotiations; import and export matters; and many other related business and entertainment law matters.

Patent Services

Let our experienced Florida patent attorneys help you file your patent applications before the USPTO.

Miami litigation lawyers

Litigation Services

Our litigation attorneys help you enforce and defend your intellectual property before the State and Federal Courts.

Trademark Lawyers

Trademark Filing Services

Let our experienced Florida trademark attorneys help you file your trademarks before the USPTO


“As a patent lawyer, I understand the need to educate local inventors as to what is and what is not patentable.” Ruben Alcoba, Esq.

At our firm, often, independent inventors visit us with concepts that have not been fully developed, so it is my job to educate them that a concept has to be enabled in order to be granted a patent in the United States.

So, what does it mean for an invention to be enabled? The US Patent law states that for an invention to be enabled “the specification (the written description of a patent application) must describe how to make and how to use the invention. The invention that one skilled in the art must be enabled to make and use is that defined by the claim(s) of the particular application or patent.”. CONTINUE READING


“As a trademark attorney, I am often presented with clients whom do not understand why a mark cannot be a generic or descriptive mark. It is my job to educate them why they should always select a Suggestive, Arbitrary or Fanciful mark.” Juliet Alcoba.

A Generic mark can never be protected. What is a Generic brand? A mark is generic if its primary significance to the relevant public is the class or category of goods or services on or in connection with which it is used. A two-part inquiry is used to determine whether a designation is generic: (1) What is the genus of goods or services at issue? (2) Does the relevant public understand the designation primarily to refer to that genus of goods or services? It is not necessary to show that the relevant public uses the term to refer to the genus. CONTINUE READING

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