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Top 10 Reasons to File a Trademark

Top 10 Reasons to File a Trademark We believe that the top 10 reasons to file for a trademark are as follows: 1.     Of all things a company owns, its brand is the single most valuable asset. 2.    A company’s  brand is the only corporate asset, that if managed properly, will never […]

The Strength of Trademark and Its Importance in Branding

“As a trademark attorney, I am often presented with clients whom do not understand why a mark cannot be a generic or descriptive mark. It is my job to educate them why they should always select a Suggestive, Arbitrary or Fanciful mark.” Juliet Alcoba. A Generic mark can never be protected. What is a Generic […]

Patent Lawyers Helping Local Inventors

“As a patent lawyer, I understand the need to educate local inventors as to what is and what is not patentable.” Ruben Alcoba, Esq. At our firm, often, independent inventors visit us with concepts that have not been fully developed, so it is my job to educate them that a concept has to be enabled […]

What a Trademark is and why Trademarks Matter

What a Trademark is and why Trademarks Matter A trademark is a name, symbol, or visual logo that is used by a company or individual to give their goods and services a distinguishable identity and origin. Almost anything can be registered as a trademark, as long as it can be used to identify its owner’s […]

What’s in a Name? Make It a Strong Trademark Name

Choosing a strong trademark name for a product or service is often one of the last steps that businesses and entrepreneurs take when realizing their economic ventures into fruition. Yet, it is one step that should not be overlooked. It is important to choose a name that can stand the test of time, appeals to […]

Why to Avoid Laudatory Trademarks

Laudatory words are commonly used by individuals and businesses trying to connote a sense of higher quality onto their brand or service. Words such as “Super”, “Plus”, “Premium”, “Deluxe”, or “Greatest” are just a few of the countless laudatory terms utilized in the market to try to make products or services stand out. The issue […]

What to Avoid When Coming Up With a Trademark

There are several factors to take in consideration when looking to register a trademark. By keeping these in mind, you can prevent a rejection. Additionally, it will also help to ensure that your trademark does not run the risk of infringing upon the rights of other trademark owners, and putting yourself in legal danger. Similar […]

Non-Functioning Trademark Names

Speaking with a trademark attorney can provide you with guidance in selecting the best name for your product or business. Many people may, however, choose to ignore legal advice and proceed with a name that is likely to be rejected by the USPTO. One common method of rejection is on the grounds that your name […]

Trademark Cancellation

Trademark owners can enjoy the benefits that the law provides the moment trademarks are registered. However, trademark renewal is also necessary to keep your trademarks alive over time. As the law only protects trademarks that are being used, a trademark is cancelled if it is not utilized within three consecutive years with no further intention […]

Cancelling Another Party’s Trademark: Trademark Cancellation Proceeding

Although it is the goal of the USPTO to protect the rights of all trademark owners equally, oversights and human error are always possible. In certain instances, a trademark owner or member of the public may have a legitimate reason to challenge and cancel an existing trademark. In cases such as these, they may file […]

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