To do or not to do a patent search

Patent Search

We strongly suggest that you perform a patent search prior to filing for a patent or developing an invention. The cost of performing a search should not be a factor considered when deciding to perform it. We believe the following factors are the most relevant when deciding to perform a search:

1.The most relevant reason is to assure an inventor that no previous patent interferes with the inventor’s plan to file a patent application;

2.To prevent legal actions against you should another inventor have a patent that describes your invention;

3.To learn more about a new field of technology;

4.To obtain market information; or

5.To track the intellectual property of competitors.

The best way to conduct a comprehensive patent search, if you choose not to hire a patent professional, is by using the USPTO classification system. A  Classification helps bring together similar devices and concepts, even when different terms have been used to describe them.

The USPTO has helpful guides that can guide you perform a search, yet we suggest you pay a patent professional to perform the search.