Trademark Registration

Trademark Registration Lawyers

Do I need a trademark attorney to register my trademark?

We recommend that you hire a trademark lawyer to register your mark. A trademark attorney must have knowledge of trademark law and procedures if he is going to help you register a mark worth protecting. Our Miami trademark lawyers/attorneys will provide you with the following trademark registration services:

1. Our Florida trademark lawyers can help you determine the strength of your mark. We strongly advise you to order a trademark search prior to filing for a trademark. If you request a trademark search, we shall counsel you on the results of the search and whether it is safe for you to proceed with the use and/or the registration of your mark.

2. Our trademark attorneys will draft your trademark application. We will carefully describe your product (“goods and services”), for how we describe your product will affect how likely you are to register your mark.

3. We ensure that the trademark lawyer assigned to your case will review your specimen and drawing for compliance prior to filing your trademark application with the USPTO.

4. Our Miami trademark lawyers know how to respond to objections made by USPTO trademark attorneys with regards to trademark applications. We communicate with USPTO trademark attorneys prior to writing responses to objections in order to maximize our clients’ chances for registration.

5. After the successful registration of your mark, our attorneys will help you protect your trademark. We can help you prepare a cease and desist letter to any third party using your trademark. A cease and desist letter is a letter written to a third party when one believes that their trademark is being infringed upon.