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Top 10 Reasons to File a Trademark

Top 10 Reasons to File a Trademark

We believe that the top 10 reasons to file for a trademark are as follows:

1.     Of all things a company owns, its brand is the single most valuable asset.

2.    A company’s  brand is the only corporate asset, that if managed properly, will never depreciate in value.

3.    A well-managed brand increases in value overtime.

4.    A brand that has a good reputation within its community must be cared for so that its reputation is not tarnished in its community.   As Will Rogers said “it takes a lifetime to build a good reputation, but you could lose it in a minute.”

5.    An effective branding strategy improves the visibility and respect of a product, service or company and this in turn increases its owner’s profits.

6.    A well managed brand increases the value of its company.

7.    A brand that is not protected or policed decreases in value over time.

8.    The greatest compliment is the copying of your brand, yet it is also the death of your brand.  If your brand is not policed, eventually it will have zero value within your community.

9.    A properly branded, policed and cared for brand can lead to a passive source of income for its trademark owner through proper licensing agreements.

10.  Franchising can only be done through a proper branding strategy in which its most valuable assets, its trademarks, is policed and cared for.

Written by: Juliet Alcoba, Esq., Miami Trademark Attorney, Ⓒ 2021 Alcoba Law Group P.A.
Picture Credits: Miri Paez Bolet.
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