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Legal Services


Patent Preparation and Filing:
Expert guidance in filing patents with the USPTO, ensuring your innovations are properly protected.
Patent Licensing:
Skilled negotiation and drafting of licensing agreements to monetize and protect your inventions.
Miscellaneous Legal Services: Comprehensive drafting of key legal agreements and documents to safeguard your intellectual and business interests.


Trademark Preparation and Filing:
Our experienced Florida trademark attorneys provide expert assistance in preparing and filing trademark applications with the USPTO, ensuring your brand identity is securely protected.

Trademark Licensing:
We offer proficient services in negotiating, drafting, and managing the licensing of your trademarks, helping to extend the reach and value of your brand.


Intellectual Property Applications:
Expert preparation of trademark and copyright applications to protect your creative works.

Contractual Agreements:
Drafting and advising on performance agreements, recording contracts, work-for-hire agreements, and other related legal instruments to secure your rights and interests in the entertainment industry.


Our skilled Florida intellectual property attorneys are adept at enforcing and defending your IP rights in both State and Federal Courts. Whether it's addressing infringement issues or defending against accusations in matters of patents, trademarks, copyrights, unfair competition, dilution, domain name disputes, or payment, our experienced litigation team is committed to reaching effective resolutions.


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